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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Safari 3.1 Update + Performance Boost


Long waited (=P) Safari 3.1 is out. The performance boomed a lot. New webkit engine is embedded and thus new CSS3 animations, standards are also supported. Well, I haven't seen any bugs so far. Plus, there are few new features as I found out. I've listed them below. Please take a glance and don't forget to let me know if they are previously existed items. And bugs too =P I should update my Leopard to see the differences though.

Developer Menu - I think this is new =D Pretty sweet tools inside. But Firebug still works great for me.

Error Console - Where u can see bugs and craps!

Web Inspector - Looks like iTunes? Yes, you can see inner things neatly now!

User agents switcher - It works well. I spoofed as an ie6 and tried MS Update =P

Acid 3 ! - Oh no, only 75. Latest webkit got 90. What happened to this??

Offline DB - What's it for? Was it there before?

Hmm, I think there are few other things, too. But I donno what are the differences other than these. Seriously, Apple should consider publishing proper change log in the future ... grrr ...

Enjoy your fastest browser, please kindly sound off in the comments. =D