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Saturday, March 01, 2008

GrandCentral + Blogger - Finally

We have been waiting for a long time since Google acquired GrandCentral. I was wondering what kind of services Google would be offering using that. Now it's a first step. Integration with Blogger!

That's a tremendous service. It would allow your Blog Visitors to call you easily! Talk to them right away, or you can have your voice messages. Does it sound good? For me, yes.

Only a few steps you need to enable this service.
#1 Register at Grand Central (using the google invite link available @ BloggerBuzz )
#2 Paste your "Web Call" widget on your sidebar.
#3 Ask your visitors to try clicking on that.

Honestly, I have tried that link at BloggerBuzz; it doesn't work. It still redirects me to Beta-Sign-Up Page. Hope that's mystery be clear in no time. :D

Well, have fun and try it. Let me know the QoS of the calls and latencies, if you have tasted it.