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Friday, February 01, 2008

Microsoft smack whilst Google disappoints

Translated Burmese Post
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Long day. I've just come back from outside and saw an interesting news. Nah, it's not Clinton-Obama's debate, not about Iraq's women-suicides or China's crushes into trains. It is Microsoft ! After a long buzzing rumor, they scooped it finally. 31$ per share of Yahoo's common stock which will accumulates up to 44.6 US$ billion. What a move! It's a huge blow to GOOG. I saw in the news that YHOO executives are scratching their heads now whether to ditch the company and sleep comfortably for rest of the life with MS stocks (or cash). We'll hear the final words once those peeps have envisaged enough.

Sadly, on the other hand, Google is suffering some attacks from pundits. Its quarterly results shed few days ago and that below-per performance raised eye-bows in bay area. Well, that's pretty harsh for them anyway. Recent recessions in US would affect its major services enormously - esp. Online Ads. Some naysayers are even stating that their Web Search and Web Apps are not kicking ass enough, too. Plus, CFO Reyes also admit that their attempt to seize ads on social networking booms are not that performing good, as well. So so so.

Since Time Warner-AOL Merge, MS is waiting to swallow Yahoo. Now full flanks attack on Google, it's an interesting game ahead.

Enjoy the news wherever you are! Buddies.


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