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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Google's Social Graph API - Social Social Social!

Translated Burmese Post
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There is no doubt that people are getting more and more obsessed with social networking tools. But it is still a huge question mark whether those social tools can yield great benefits for users. We are talking about business profits and better services here. As everyone might have noticed, users' data is overabundant on the net . What are we doing with them instead of leaving and piling there? I am sure you guys have been filling up all those funny funky forms on Facebook, Friendster, Hi5, etc. It's, in other words, giving away your data everyday. Big companies or data keepers such as MS, Y! and Goog have been trying to seize those information and craps for better reuse.

Undoubtedly, current hot topic is Social Search. Those companies want to utilize social data to build neater search engines. To put it simply, it's searching the web using ur social network, your friends and their related information. Imagine, instead of searching a particular item you want from this wild wow web, you'd probably want to ask your friends for recommendation. Yes, they are trying to achieve that. You search, you see the results from your friends' network, or whatever which is personalized to you, boom! Well, if you have overlooked RW/W's recent post on what is Social Search, should check it out again too.

So today's Google day again. They announced the public beta of Social Graph API, the API which will crawl the whole web and tracks your social linkages with other people and then generate some JSON data which you can use in your application, services or web. Google has owned you in crawling the web and indexing virtually everything for you. Now, they are aiming high again with their Social Graph API. We'll see how much this release of API will affect to those Social Search, blabla. And will Google integrate that Social Search very soon with their current Search engine? I donno.

Btw, Delver from Demo08 has already showed what is Social Search with their new engine. Check this out folks, they are early runners. And my tech friends, remember to keep an eye on those intricate data formats such as XFN, XHtml Friends Network, FOAF, Friend of a Friend Format. (if u are interested and wanna follow in this trend).

Future of Search, Future of services, Future of internet and many things which sound very promising. But bear in mind that our privacy is becoming exposed day by day to the whole world which is very very dangerous. Flexibility, connectivity, cool exchanges of information are good, but security concerns are darn ugly. Only if Goog and those peeps doing "Social" things could balance this situation, we will truly be hipping.

Interesting thing to note, if MS bought out Y!, Google'll have very busy future. Y! has tons of enormous, rich, fatty obese data in their stomach which is far larger than Goog (i think). Y! hasn't done any great things with it and MS will be very happy to exploit this.

Plus, News Corp is also trying to saddle Y! bid over MS. Good race =) We, consumers, need to enjoy more and more delicious services and goods!

Until I'm socialized,...