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Thursday, February 07, 2008

CNY - Tornadoes - Adsense + G Accounts

First, "Gong Xi Fa Cai" for you. It's a great festive season, folks. Europe is filled with Cannibal events whereas Asia, Chinese Lunar New Year.

My condolences to those who cannot go back home due to snow storms. My wishes to those who are suffering from giant devastating tornadoes in US.

#I hate disasters!

Again, what a Super Tuesday! It was filled with moments of change and power of voices. Rhetoric speeches echoed the whole day .. well, only good things ahead.

Oh peeps, I ain't sure if you have already noticed that Adsense account can be merged with your existing Google accounts to ease your life. I didn't notice until this morning (yeah, I was in Ice Age a while back). Anyway, I am sick of handling multiple accounts; but now, that's gonna be easy bee bee. Just use single account to handle all your analytics, gmail, g-stuff and Adsense. Good move, isn't it? Check my screenshot below if you haven't seen any.

Yeah, again, I'm still awaiting for the result of FCC bid and Y! bid. Come on, Apple should take Y!. (Disclaimer: i have little knowledge about market but am just scared of MS monopoly on our personal data as if they have done on Business world, eek..! )

Okie, that's all for now. I'm darn occupied with applying schools, studying for exam on Sat, searching jobs and other projects. Hope I could write a single tech review in Burmese ... dot.