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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Tests, Musikr and Work

The good, the bad and the ugly. What a blended day of new year! Yesterday was a decent turning point entering a new year. Obviously, it's really great to see that everybody is cherishing. Though, I myself was pretty tired and stayed home alone (ssssh! this is not Home Alone 5) engaging with what I was supposed to be doing: Tests, Musikr and Work.

Yes. Sounds a bit funny, but can't go out anywhere on that day, anyway. =( I was in a sleepy slight bad shape.

1. Tests! - Yeah, I am taking couple of standardized tests in January. Buddha bless me =X.

2. Musikr - That's my final year project. Definitely, I'm really proud of what we have done and what the team have surpassed! It's so enticing to see the rewards now. Yeap, we are gonna showcase in SP Open House; I'll be at SMIT together with TZO! Do stop by had your calendars are vacant. Plus, there is a sniffing news to showcase in other events, too. Whatever first, it will always be tremendous, I believe.

3. Work - Nothing much, yet still scratching here and there in scripts... duhh.

* Musikr is an interactive music billboard system that utilizes the SolidDrive UBIQ Window (Multi-gesture touch panel) from IM3 Asia. It's made up of an interactive music billboard (flash-based) as its frontend, a content management system (asp-ajax-based) as its backend, and a slick middleman called XML layer. The system can be brought into practice in various industries, such as hospitality, tourism, music retails. Imagine your nearest HMV has this cool interface, playing songs on a multi-touch screen. Bet, you will wanna touch that little creature out there - Musikr.

Wherever you are, enjoy your days. But Holiday spree seems ended, folks! =D
Until Chinese New Year ...