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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Open House First Day - Good

Translated Burmese Post
[Here] <-ျမန္မာလို ဖတ္ရန္။

Open House First Day ended in a good shape. We did answer several queries from students, lecturers, parents and some professionals. We are indeed enthralled by devoted enthusiasm from audience. Tomorrow will be more. I believe my friends out there in Spinnovex are also enjoying their time. So far so sweet. (we ate too many candies today though). Expecting better tomorrow, I am now getting back on my busy feat - thinking about some automation methodologies -
for now. Thank you all!

And here are some mac news buzzing around today.

- Net News Wire for Mac

- OS X won Best Operating System of the year from InfoWorld! And Best Notebook Computer of the year is to MacBook Pro.

- Opera Browser wanna snatch some market share from iPhone Safari. Yes, on Jan 15, Opera iPhone will be releasing together with official SDK!

- Parallels Server 3.0 is out and you can run multiple OS X Leopard Servers on a single box.

- Wired Blog has pretty cool untold stories on iPhone - I'll be translating them to full review in Burmese (not so soon .. )

- iTunes Rentals are rolling out with full blown support of Holy-woot labels such as Paramount, Disney ...

- Oh crap, did I mention that MacHeist2 was out few days ago? Go for it guys, it's only $49 for $300+ worth of bundle.