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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bad Weather, CES and a Trip

Translated Burmese Post - [Here] <- ျမန္မာလိုဖတ္ရန္ ဤေနရာတြင္ ႏွိပ္ပါ။

Hellish January. Windy and cold at night. Raining before noons. Sunny after noons. Simultaneous Rain & Sunshine also pop out. What a January in Singapore, eek?

As usual, I'm occupied with various stuff again. Not to mention the tests and craps I grumbled earlier, new burgeoning tasks piled up enough to make me pullulate with stress (or rather worries?). No YouTubing, no Facebooking, no P2P-Tv-ing or no Gaming for a week. Paused some fun stuff a while to accomodate more important craps. I did extend Passport, apply a Visa yesterday. Yes - I'm travelling next week! These days, superfluous tasks just come out of nowhere :'( Geeze.

A couple of interesting mac news had you missed them.
- New CEO for Apple ! - Avon's Andrea Jung join apple board. What a diverse board they have now! Hope a great Princenton-grad CEO with tremendous marketing skills would bring something .. even better insightful ideas to Apple.

- Macworld is around the corner on Jan 15th. Do keep your nerves alert and follow S-Speeches at

- New NFL-Flavoured Apple Ad came out with .. you guess .. a referee. Seems the mac-pc war is not into attrition yet. They even need a Ref now! :P

- BW reports show that Steve is not a kid. He is really gonna win deals with big Hollywood busters to bring in afresh large number of titles to iTunes Store. Apple compromised, yet users will(would) love. It's an interesting race to see who will win this super-fragmented video industry!

- Intel launched Penrym. That 45nm chips and fries are echoed several times already in Mac forums and blogs. Yawnnnn.. They released officially in CES, finally.

Mitigating pressure to certain level, I did post this. I couldn't catch up with CES and is not knowing what's going on there. As usual, I believe the show is being bombarded with super cool gadgets. Oh yeah, Adverlets alert! It's down, seriously down for this moment. That's super bad, folks. And btw, just fyi, I'm also following Obama Campaign. :)