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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Back from Trip - Eat Eat Eat week

Translated Burmese Post
[Here] <-ျမန္မာလို ဖတ္ရန္။

Blogging again. I'm already back from trip since Saturday. If I neglect the fact that test was crappy, it was a virtually decent trip. Pretty pleasant town, nice weather and good food. Photos will be online in no time. Yes, I have a craze in travelling. Alone or group or whatever trip quenchs my thirst of travelling. Of course, it never comes cheap and this trip made my pocket quite slim. However, if you live in Singapore, a city filled with tons of stress everyday, (it's the only thing you can grab free here!), I'd really endorse the habit of travelling. Anyway, enough craps, photos are under processing and well I am busy studying again! Tsk tsk, fun time lasted only for two days.

Oh, by the way, given the point that Airy Macbookie is darn expensive, my friends are still cashing on it. What kind of world we are living in! Cashey dudes don't care whether Airy Macbookie's performance is crap or else. So Apple, Thinnovation really works? We'll see more.

Oh, one more thing... These days are filled with Lunches and Dinners too! I do love to crave for great food too! Last week, it was a tremendous lunch from my manager at Szechuan Court. Chinese delicacies and its grand outlook made me think to go back again. And coming Thursday, it is at Nobel House. Is it Chinese food again? I donno. But whatever it is, it looks pretty awesome!

Enough bragging and showing off =P Enjoy whatever you eat & wherever you fly .., peeps!