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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Safari 3.0.4 - New Bugs & Features

Safari Beta 3.0.4 rolled out for Windows. I found out some new good fixes as well as bad stuff!

Good points
- Spelling, it's cool. Check spelling whenever you are typing.
- Grammar, it's not bad. I typed "I doesn't eat". It's showing errors! Plus, whole document checking is great, too.
- GMail have Gtalk Panel in the sidebar now.
- Blogger's create post seems to have Labels support now.
- Standard CRT setting in Appearance might please some folks.
- Oh yea, new Shortcuts. On par with FF now.
- Default Bookmark Bar has YouTube, GoogleMap, Wikipedia ( thx TZO for pointing me this)

Bad things
- Why I can't move my cursor in "Blogger Create Post's Title Input Box"?
- Can't type Burmese/Zawgyi in "Create Post TextArea" anymore.
- Resizing support is great but it's flaky and shaky.
- Download Window's "Minimize,Close" looks funny.
- What else, ... hmm ...

That is all for now. Any new points, I'll update the list.