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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

UOB .... oh .... UOB

It was a long morning until I went out for lunch break. I rushed my lunch and left the friends for finding the nearest UOB Branch around my office.

It took me several minutes to spot one. Finally, there was one. I ran there expecting to open my first, highly expected and maybe highly overrated by friends, UOB bank account.

Those hopes, however, did vanish in few minutes. One nice lady attended to me and stated (in a bad mood) that Myanmar Citizens CANNOT open UOB account. I was shocked but smiled and asked "WHY?". She didn't comment anything and just stated that it is a "Very New Restriction"! Oh Gosh!

For heaven sake, I felt disappointed. I regret that I didn't open it earlier.
I am sad. I seriously feel that I am well discriminated (in a wise manner). Well, I was just trying to open a mere student savings account. =(
Alright, no choice rather than that I have to swallow it. Gulp. Gulp. Gulp.
At least, I thanked that lady to advise me earlier before I went into the long Queue. =)

Then, I walked slowly back to office. It was a bad day, overall. Whoosh ... sigh ~