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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Leopard Seeds .... It's October, folks.

It's been a long time waiting since WWDC, huh? Now, it's October folks.

Leopard seeds are being shot by Apple continuously in past few weeks. Golden Master (GM) will be announced soon, I suppose. And a countdown would be up, too :D

I am pretty busy these days at a new company and couldn't blog. But I could still read what others have written, =P

I just saw a 2nd Generation Zune, recently. And with its some new features, we will see how it will compete with iPodzz.

Plus, bootcamp buddies, beware that Apple seems to be terminating it in Tiger as soon as Leopard out. Sad news.


p/s I am also seeding ZawgyiMac to my friends :P to sweep some bugs.