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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Digging up from oldies - Me @ Apple Lab

Just taking a break from FYP Busy Life.
Without sleeping for 2 days, ... sleeping only 3 hrs a day. What a life! Great Kudos to all the group members. You all are good teammates, indeed. Just hang on for few more weeks, we are done!!!

Anyway, this is just a relaxation or excuse you would say. I can't help. Just a little fun. Blogging !

I was at Clementi Computer Club for Children/ Community Centre with Chris, was playing around with a base station to be installed there. See them in action below ...

Feel a bit like being bragged? Gimme ur comments here =P


p/s - next gallery - Mac: A Beautiful House of Burmese Fonts

Monday, July 02, 2007

700000 iPhones in around Three Days

iPhone Spinning
Nothing much to say but "Wow". Estimated 700 000 sales of iPhones are recorded at the end of Sunday's Business Week. Dudes, average 650 bucks times 700 000 means around 45 Millions? It's even more than double of anticipated figures. Does it sound cool?

Hang on, let's see this big boy can beat all time fastest selling consumer products of the history.