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Monday, June 25, 2007

Ratatouille - Singapore Release Date is not June 29! .. Gash!

Hola guys,

Well, it's pretty weird to find out that Ratatouille will be at SG only in August ( i tink on 30th, but I didn't care as just I realized that it's not on time here). What's the point of that, guys? It's, again, just a Rat and cartoon film. According to my knowledge, it isn't supposed to be late due to Censor Board because all Cartoon Movies hardly need censor certificate. Phew, but who knows?

Probably, there might be other problems with Pixar or filming organizations here. Yet I still feel unhappy to see that all the SG Cinemas are focusing on Die Hard and other fresh releases. ( Oops, no disrespect to those Movies, anyway :P )

Let's hope. And please don't forget to buzz me why it is late in SG.

Merci !