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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Just changes - Aiming to Beta


I just did a swoop for my template, hoping that all the messy stuff are cleared out and Blogger will make me eligible to jump into Beta Accounts. It was really complicated though, and my big fault was to request Catur Admin to place my CSS and EOT on Spmyanmar server. My blog became weird when someone is watching from Myanmar, due to suspension of Spmyanmar site in MM.

Finally, all the clouds are gone. New look and feel, new Designs and new Life (in Blog). Moreover, just recently, I browsed around Blogger Help and saw the conditions where they wouldn't give users chances to upgrade into Beta Version. It's as follows:

A blog publishing via FTP to a non-BlogSpot server.
A blog with a Plus upgrade (we stopped offering this upgrade a couple years ago, so this will not affect many people).
A team blog.
A very large blog. (More than a couple thousand posts + comments.)

But I am wondering, which part of the rules was my Blog conflicted with. =?

Oh btw, Latest PSI is 36 @ 8:00 pm. Guyz, relax and have fun.

Wai Phyo Kyaw