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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Blog Operations Back-into-Life

Hola guyz,

This is my first post since 26th Sep. I stopped all the blog posting things and miscellaneous site maintaining stuff for a couple of weeks. Cuz I went back to Myanmar and was pretty busy with other thingies, too. Weeze, obviously I can't live outside this Techno World and have, now, surely back into all those goodies.

[sorry, can't type in Burmese @ School =) ]

Currently Struggling Challenges ( which deter me from Blog-postings )

- Macbook: under operation cuz of RSS
( Random Shutdown Syndrome )

- Desktop PC Wireless Adapter's Driver's driving me Crazy.

- Working on constructing another blog which would come in much more pro-look.

- Most Calendar Dayz, which r after school, are occupied by Work
(due to temp: shortage of staff in Company )

- Trying to pull my School GPA Back to the Respectful Level/Grades

- And last, maintaining gd relationship with my, '.......', Eats Time, huh?

Hmm, i think that's all. Be back soon.

Waie Poeh