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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Miserable Time For Me.

I don't know what happened to me, today. A lot of things are done in unpleasant stage. PCT written test make me like a chump. A lot of crappy mistakes i did. I couldn't even recall the Purpose of System Configuration Files : C:\Windows\System32\Config . ? :( . Moreover, I am accused that I communicated in ILLEGAL Ways with my friends in exam room? How? I am totally desperate.

And one more thing, I had some problem with my Friend... I got some nagging things with Her. I got upset and I stop speaking with her. :/ Am i totally wierd and a kinda of easily-burst person ? I'd say Sorry if you think so... that's End Of File. Your syntax will be totally wrong. Hm, I wanna apologize her to show that I am not that bad :D ... Finally, I wanna sleep now and I hope things will past through in great pleasure if i fall asleep. Hope so .. hope so. .hope so....


[ who says I'm interested in her ? who says i care her ? it's more than that. You Dump.. I love her! ]