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Friday, February 17, 2006

16th Feb - Day of Craps

Phew .... Yay ... I wanna forget everthings but I couldn't. Yesterday was a day of desperate. That's my mistake to get that place. I shouldn't have gone there and felt like a shit there. I was totally lost and upset. It's a dry place for me at that time. Normally, the place is interesting but yesterday was . I don't wanna blame to others, that's my fault, too. Finally, what i can grasp is the hatred of BEDOK. I will feel sour if i have to go there again. And that's unforgettable Night for me ( at Singapore )........ So STUPID I AM.

I don't wanna put these craps on her.... May be i am too generous to bottle up all these feelings. and I won't vent out or Angry at any one. Hmm.. That's what I am. I feel that things will get crammed and if they reach Bottleneck, I am worried I will be pissed off.

Okay, Enough for Yesterday.

[ Give me a drop of liquid! What liquid ? Poison ? Liquer ? No No No. I want Individual amnesia. Wanna forget her and the portions we stayed together. So give me That Chemicals now! ]