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Sunday, November 13, 2005

~ Well , November Tears Rolling in My Heart ~


I hear, I feel, I smell my previous broken hearts ..... i don't know why i still remember her ? all of the events chilled when i came back to Myanmar ... i couldn't found her ... i wanted to face her in persons and vent my whole feelings ..... ironically , i heard of her news getting another bloke by her .. ... .. i didn't feel any jealousy , but mourn ... i didn't want to put all the fault on her .. that's all of MINE ... if i didn't bottle up all of my feelings .. then, the situation now might be changed, i suppose .. so .. well done well done :( .. this all is no wonder .. the only thing i could there is to juz cut all of my mind , my longings, my admire .. my adore .... Though , all these things may be cut off .. but love ? it is fascinating .. truly. I am now facing for that sick . .. i rmb the song of 9mm , ~~1 sit sit nae` a nar haung ko khwar mie tha lo pel .. ma lwan bu loh sate tin htar lel , nga mar tot ? ?~~ damn .! although i don't rmb for her all the time ... yeah , her images are getting diminished from my brain .... only the roots of her poisonous lovo tree still hanging around my heart .. . OH God! .. HELP me .. to face all these shits :( .... i wish if new love will be seeded, i don't wanna have such kind of events again , again , again , I WISH AGAIN!