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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

~~ September's Nightmare ~~

This very early morning is opened along with full of thoughts, moaning of Dizziness and torturing of my dreams ............
What did happen? Yes, all this is due to the last night's dream, scary event dream, a dream of sunset during my Singapore Days .... Of course, my dream was based on a girl I adored, I loved, I sacrificed..... That's why I could say a horriful Event for me ..
In that dream, I saw her again without meeting her for 4 Months after being parted by Fate on 19th of May, a day of Sorrow ... Surprisingly, I called out her name everyday, everytime ( even my Roommates cannot stand for it :P ) ,,, I couldn't find her image in my dreams, I have been looking for her visual at my nights but I couldn't .. .BUt Yesterday, I discovered but .. it was not an sweet one :( Worst, she neglected me, the bitter words came out of her mouth ... .. she said she already forgot me .. She Found another friends... and she didn't show her courtesy towards me .. she didn't express her feeling of mizzing of me.... she treated me in such a bitter way that we meet 1st Time .... I tried to provoke her affection on me by showing the Parting gift she gave ... a wrist band .. ( a colorful wristband when I received ,, but now Colorless because of Intense Weather .... ) but unexpectedly, she laughed once, terrifying laughts.. and looked inside my eyes and said " I already forgot you, thus, I didn't contact you ", OOps, seriously, I pointed a question on the spot.. " Why you did forget me ? " .. she replied " I donno, i forgot you after 2 or 3 months you left me .. and I found another boy who seems to be good enough on me ! ! " .... Then , I got shocked ... I felt sorry .. i felt Mournful .. i felt like I lost my whole Life.. I tried to explain her .. I tried to approach her... and I tried to beg her .. Oh, baby ..don't .. don't ... ... !!!!! !!!!! Then I woke up .. what the hell the time is then ? around 5'o clock... and the sound of my Low Battery Phone was still insulting me .... Ting.Ting..Ting..Ting.. !!!

Yes, in the real world, I have been seeking to get the contact of her ..cos I couldn't keep in touch with her for several months :( ... hence, that horrible story made me unpleasant, uncomfortable and desperate when I woke up .... OH MY GOD ... I wish this is juz a dream ......... !