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Sunday, August 07, 2005

~ ~ What a tough week~ ~ ~

Oh .. this week :.. the busiest week...
even though we have finished our Mid-term Test.... we stil have lots of things to do ... 3 more assignments .erm. if Java also announces , oH 4 more! ..
Where is the leisure ? where is my spare time to study Networking , Hacking ! . Where is my time to Read Daw Su's Freedom of Fear ? where is my time to spen on the SUSE's Latest Kernel ?
Then ? Which time should i spend for her ?
... Although the peakest times make me forget of her in current era, her images will not be vanished from my inner heart :)... .
      There is a saying " Time can make things change , revitalise , refresh your memory . but .. . as long as you have Brain ( a thi nyan ) , you can never forget of her/his images from your Hardisk of Brain " ~~~..

OH .. My God , Help me out of this messy case!