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Sunday, July 31, 2005

~~ Ermm Some Downloads songs.. Try It~ ~

Theory -- Mae twar loh >>>> Right Click here and Click Save Target as: to download || MP3

~~~~ Love is Fascinating ~~~~~

Ahmm, Love ?

Yep, i falled for her.... but . we juz not more than Friends .... may be my mind is dirty ( not that dirty ) .. no purity for Friendship... :( .. .but how about her ? who knows ? did she provoke ? some chances ?
Ah i couldn't ... You know ? Love is more than saying " I love you " .. it is useless.. or..( ah i think )) if i cannot give my time. money , care... her all the time!! I won't take her life spoil... engaging with me long term... LOng Distance Relationship is actually not formed for me ! :( I thought of her ! in my mind in Preference... That's why i couldn't say " I love you " ! to her .. don't want her to have doubts each other while I am away ..... Or seriously... :( I don't want her to remember me ... I want her to study herself.. and walk the way! ... :? If i can live with her . ? where i can stay together ? when i spend my Time for HEr! . ... I WILL SURELY VENT MY feelings!! TO HER :(

Monday, July 25, 2005

wow,,, that tremendous scene... i love there.. it is.. near my Native town , Kalaw.... :) .. if i can, i can go there again and appreciate the beauty of nature.  Posted by Picasa

My glorious Country, I miss my country, but except those , minority of People , who is misruling , suppressing the people . ! i don't wanna come back. .if they are still there...  Posted by Picasa

With Deputy Director of ICT Department Mr.Lee/ My ugly pic ! :I i have ever : sent ! ... bad angle! , bad pose. ... ! !__!! eee hee ngwar@!!! kg ma lay tway ma kyi par nae!! : :(  Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 04, 2005

:P like her ! : D cute , hot , horny! :P (((( HEY BUT NOT LOVE HER!! ! ))) i have the gal I love!!! .. :(  Posted by Picasa

:) her cute face :D shar with me ! Hyori Lee ( korean Popper and actor )  Posted by Picasa

:) ah she is the one :D i like among the Celebrities! yep i am not a celeb crazy guy! .. but when i saw her :) imm i can't help myself to stick to her ! :I :I : I :I :P Posted by Picasa

Cooking ! yep ! chicken curry :) leading to a decent meal! :P lolz ! feeling hungry ?  Posted by Picasa

My :P computer :P lolz ! not too fashionable :) but it is efficient! and do all work ! :) high speed ! way! Posted by Picasa

ah very bad picture ! :P poor shot! P i haven't taken a bath ..! at that time!! so bad! :( :( ...  Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Well, today i went to Jurong Library :P and borrowed 2 bookz on Linux and Basic Networking! these are interesting books ... also met a frd online who is very expert in Programming and DataBase management! i was so glad :P ...geez!.. i hope she can help me.. in the future :P lolz! Posted by Picasa