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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

me? :) can you find me? ha ha ! i am at Right Top Corner! . :) ha ha !@ .. check it ! out These are all of my class mates :P  Posted by Hello

Me and DEXTER :) ready to go! down .. and ! CRACK ?? :) well . nothing happened at that time :) cos it was only 3 rd floor :) but when we get to 7th floor ! our egg cracked and all others' cracked too; Posted by Hello

ha ha :D concentration! on that ! but we failed to manage to cover our eggs :( .. yep ! .. very funny and ... ah.. tough! :P we need inspiration and ... ideas :P Posted by Hello

Wow :) my ugly pic and :) my frds :) .. haha lolz ! :D we were doing some CD(character development) games :) at that time... yep we were doing some EGG NEST with straws which can resist the pressure if we throw it from 4th Floor Height ! :P the egg shouldn't break :P but ours broke ! :P and others do so !  Posted by Hello

Monday, June 27, 2005

Our Glorious National Leader. I am very respect of him. We all Myanmar Citizens Love him ! Admire Him. Respect him! Pls silent 1 minute for his Sacrifice if you are a Myanmar :) Posted by Hello

ha ha :P myout phit twar pi kwi kwi :P kwa kwa ;P lolz! ... very ugly :P wildest pic ! i have ever had !  Posted by Hello

another one! Posted by Hello

ha ha :P near beach !:P .. watching :P galz! :P geeZ! :P check this out!  Posted by Hello

yep In sentosa ,, :P lolz ! i am not photogenic!! :PD ha ha Posted by Hello

hello !:) frds try this one from Sentosa cable train!  Posted by Hello

Hello Frds ! My first Post since i got to SG!

Hello All of my frds ? :) how is everything with you? :) for me , i am very fine ! i got new frds :! who are very genius and :) lolz ! . helpful guys ! :D/ very different from what i heard about sg. guys :).. i am also okay with my .. lifestyle here ! . i don't feel too much like a stranger here !:P

I feel good except longing for my gal :( not my gal ;( we arent a couple :( but i loved her !. i couldn't even express my feelings ;(! that's damnly bad ? right? okay anyway,, thx for your this boring attention ! :) bye! :D

Sunday, June 26, 2005

avator Posted by Hello

Wow:) with my frds TZO and HOW kiat! :P . near ICT School gate :D. What the hell that guy 's speaking :P to his gal lolz! :P Posted by Hello

With my frd dexter :) at school on 16th (ah i don't remember .. it is Friday ,, i am sure :PP )) .. My genius frd ! .. great guy :P kwi kwi! Posted by Hello